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WESH 2 Investigates the OnePulse Foundation:









In the following video, Representative Anna Eskamani calls for increased transparency for the OnePulse Foundation on WFTV 9 and outlines how ethical non-profit spending is done. Unfortunately, Eskamani did not have a chance to respond to the $150k salary reported by the Orlando Sentinel and evidenced in the organization's tax returns. Instead, they signaled to Poma's prorated salary "because the charity’s board wasn’t organized until May of that year. Poma earned $150,000 in 2018."









See the entire article with video, here. Other lawmakers such as Carlos Guillermo-Smith, Reps. Darren Soto, Stephanie Murphy and Val Demings and Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan have also joined in calling for the audit due to a lack of transparency and concerns about spending.

Below is more reporting on the allegations about illegally transferring the property from WESH news.





See the full article, here.

Here is footage of Barbara Poma pitching the museum as a tourist attraction to a Tourism Development Council meeting.

According to Bungalower, "The OnePulse Foundation, represented by Earl Crittenden and Barbara Poma, pitched their planned Memorial and Museum facility, citing an increasing demand from visiting groups and organizations on the Pulse site as well as “media exposure.”

Poma and Crittenden emphasized the impact of other Disaster Tourism sites across the country and revealed that the average amount of daily visitors to the interim Pulse memorial site currently hovers around 300 people a day."


Here is what they were pitching:





















All money should go to survivors, victim's families, and a respectful public memorial park. No money spent on fancy dinners. No step-and-repeat photo opportunities. No expensive fundraisers.












We demand a representational Board of Directors. The Board should be made up of survivors, victims' family members, and local grassroots activists who reflect the affected communities. Not a majority of wealthy, white corporate volunteers. How can we trust the OnePulse Foundation to lead education efforts for diversity and inclusion when this is what the group's leadership team look like? 

Earl Crittenden (Board Chairman, onePULSE Foundation), Sharon Hagle (Founder & President, SpaceKids Global), Dale Hipsh (Senior Vice President of Hotels, Hard Rock International), Barbara Poma (CEO & Executive Director, onePULSE Foundation and founder of PULSE nightclub), Kelly Lafferman (Board Secretary, onePULSE Foundation and Principal & CMO, Findsome & Winmore), Cathy Brown-Butler (Senior Vice President, Bank of America) and George Kalogridis (Board Vice Chairman, onePULSE Foundation and President, Walt Disney World) (photo by Brandon Glover)

Here is another example of how the memorial museum is being pitched as a tourist attraction and economic boon to the "blighted area," again using the tragedy to bring money to the city.













Not all local business want to sell to make room for the OnePulse Foundation's museum design. Have we conducted a survey of nearby residents? If so, we have no found one. But, as anyone who went to Pulse knows, many neighbors didn't like the club very much and frequently complained of noise and traffic.

Below is reporting on the current lawsuit, where dozens of survivors and family members of victims are suing Barbara and Rosario Poma for negligence. The public records can be accessed here.

Below is reporting on the amended lawsuit, to include the alleged illegal transfer of the Pulse property. 


More videos and visuals to come. We have asked for a copy of the tourist development application submitted by the OnePulse Foundation to Fred Winterkamp on August 17, 2018, per the meeting minutes located here.

There is a gift kiosk on-site selling OnePulse merchandise and marketing trinkets. Is this what respect and honor? Is this appropriate for sacred ground?

Many were not aware of the gift kiosk because it is not pictured in the OnePulse Foundation's marketing photography and it is not visible from the street. It is located near the space where the police breached the nightclub. The retail kiosk is not pictured in the OnePulse Foundation's design brief either (see page 12). This is a gross omission.