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We began organizing in 2019, after we learned that Pulse Nightclub owner Barbara Poma would be paid $150,000 in her role as CEO of the OnePULSE Foundation—the nonprofit she started after the mass shooting at her business. It was through reporting in the Orlando Sentinel that we also learned that Poma was selling the site of the mass shooting (which she owns) as a tourist attraction in order to receive a $10M tourism tax grant from Orange County. This is unethical, especially when she is named in an ongoing lawsuit brought by shooting victims alleging security negligence, premise liability, and the illegal sale of the nightclub property where the interim memorial is currently located. Newer reporting shows that Barbara Poma, who refused to sell the nightclub property to the City of Orlando for a public memorial, is now in talks to sell the property to her own nonprofit for millions of dollars. 


With all that has happened over the years, we thought it was vital to create an archive of news articles that paint the true story of the aftermath of the Pulse shooting, focusing on efforts to cover up the truth, re-write history, and turn mass murder into a $100M capital campaign. 

A disturbing number of people do not believe us. This is not surprising, since there are so many conspiracy theorists out there surrounding mass shootings and due to the fact that Barbara Poma (through the OnePULSE Foundation) has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to perpetuate narratives of love vs. hate, while falsely showcasing herself as a victim of the nightclub shooting and a voice for Orlando's LGBQ+ community. She is neither. 

Through this page, we wanted to show that a lot has been covered by the media and IS in fact true. There is still quite a bit that has not been investigated and we have tried to fill in the gaps through our own research in the public records, which has resulted in our exposé and ongoing social media posts (follow us on Twitter and Instagram).   

We continue to demand:

  1. Barbara Poma stops her efforts to personally profit off the mass shooting through her nonprofit organization by completely resigning from the organization (stepping down as CEO is completely inadequate);

  2. The OnePULSE Foundation completely stop its efforts to build a privatized museum and invests instead in the immediate construction of a permanent memorial;

  3. The OnePULSE Foundation shifts its efforts and builds a public memorial that honors the 49 murdered, and NOT a privately-owned memorial with security and visitor tracking;

  4. Immediately remove the gift shop from the Pulse Nightclub property (this is completely disrespectful and exploitative); and,

  5. Barbara and Rosario Poma, along with the City of Orlando, are held accountable for the unpermitted renovations and code violations at the Pulse Nightclub that hindered the escape and rescue of shooting victims.

  6. Mechanisms are to be put into place to help victims and survivors of this shooting with resources, financial and otherwise. Despite what the OnePULSE Foundation claims, these do not currently exist. Victims seeking help from the OnePULSE Foundation are turned away to organizations that do not provide the support needed. 

  7. The role of "keeper for the story" is returned to the Black and Latinx victims of the shooting and taken away from Barbara Poma, who is not an actual victim and was on vacation in Mexico when Latinx LGBTQ+ people were being slaughtered at her nightclub. The story of Pulse is not for a wealthy White woman to claim and retell. 

We hope that the following news articles will (a) provide further proof to those who do not believe or understand what's documented in public records or who do not have access to local reporting, (b) help provide historical context to how these events have unfolded since June 12, 2016, and (c) show that the struggle for justice is ongoing (even years after the shooting). 


CCAPM and Protests Against OnePULSE and Museum

Group opposes museum for Pulse nightclub massacre (ABC News)

Community group opposes museum for Pulse nightclub massacre (NBC News)

'No Pulse museum' group announces new support (WESH 2)

Orlando commemorated the sixth anniversary of Pulse over protests of a planned museum (Orlando Weekly)

Five years later, the pain of Pulse lingers (Tampa Bay Times)

Pulse critics grow louder: Tear down club and stop museum plans (Orlando Sentinel)

Families and Survivors Oppose a Private Museum for Pulse Shooting (Hyperallergic)

Survivors and victims’ families oppose plans for a $40m museum at site of Pulse shooting (The Art Newspaper)

Despite setbacks and critics, Pulse foundation pushes forward on memorial and museum (Orlando Sentinel)

Designs for the National Pulse Memorial & Museum are unveiled amid debate (The Art Newspaper)

Movement against Orlando Pulse museum gains momentum (Orlando Weekly)

What Should Happen with the Site of the Pulse Shooting? Three Years Later, the Debate Continues (WMFE/NPR)

Pulse Nightclub Victims are Getting a $45 Million Memorial, But Not Everyone Is Happy (THEM)

Orlando chooses its memorial to Pulse shooting victims (The Art Newspaper)

Winning Pulse Memorial Design Team Announced (Spectrum News 13)

What You Need To Know About the New Pulse Memorial & Museum (WMFE/NPR)

Stunning design of Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub memorial unveiled (Q News - Australia)

Dublin architects Heneghan Peng shortlisted to design Pulse nightclub memorial in Florida (The Sunday Times - UK)

Plan for Pulse nightclub shooting memorial divides opinion among victims' families (The Telegraph - UK)

Coalition of survivors protest museum for Orlando Pulse shooting (Dezeen)

Plans for National Pulse Memorial & Museum causing controversy (Fox 35)

OnePulse hires new executive director; plans to buy Pulse site from owner (WFTV - Karla Ray)

Group of survivors opposes private museum for Pulse massacre (ClickOrlando)

Families and survivors oppose private museum to honor Pulse shooting victims (USA Today)

Group Opposes Museum for Pulse Nightclub Massacre (Associated Press)

U.S. House Approves National Pulse Shooting Memorial Bill, Heads to Senate; ‘We Owe It to Those We Lost’ (Towerload)

Planned $45M Pulse memorial faces resistance by some shooting victims (Fox News)

At Pulse shooting site, a plan to remember renews pain for some (Art Daily)

Unpermitted Renovations and Code Violations

Pulse fence was not permitted, but city never issued citation (Orlando Sentinel)

One exit at Pulse possibly blocked during shooting (Miami Herald)

Was an exit at Pulse blocked when shooting massacre occurred? (WESH 2)

Report states doors were blocked in Pulse nightclub before shooting (WSVN 7)


Origin Stories of the Pulse Nightclub

Looking back on a gay nightclub that almost wasn’t; looking forward after a massacre (Watermark)

Selling the Shooting as a Tourist Attraction

Pulse documents detail memorial plans, expected visitors, CEO Barbara Poma’s salary (Orlando Sentinel)



Tracking the OnePULSE Foundation $$$$  


OnePULSE Foundation announces $3.5 million land deal for museum (Orlando Sentinel)

OnePulse hires new executive director; plans to buy Pulse site from owner (WFTV - Karla Ray)


Lawsuits against Barbara and Rosario Poma (Pulse Nightclub)

Pulse owners illegally transferred nightclub to hide value from massacre victims, lawsuit claims (Orlando Sentinel)

Amended Pulse Lawsuit Alleges Illegal Sale of Club (Spectrum News 13)

The Orlando Police Department (OPD), the Orlando Fire Department (OFD), and the Failures of the Law Enforcement Response

At Pulse Nightclub, A Death Toll That Might Not Have Been So High (NPR)


‘They took too damn long’: Inside the police response to the Orlando shooting (Washington Post)

Police tactics expert rips Orlando SWAT team that waited to breach Pulse nightclub during horrific mass shooting (NY Daily News)

Orlando Paramedics Didn’t Go In to Save Victims of the Pulse Shooting. Here’s Why. (ProPublica)

Missteps in Uvalde shooting response echo Pulse massacre, where 49 died (NBC News)

Pulse shooting review: Communication failures hampered Orlando Fire Department's response (Orlando Sentinel)

Outside Review Faults Orlando Fire Department Policies and Mistakes in Pulse Shooting Response (ProPublica)

3 Hours In Orlando: Piecing Together An Attack And Its Aftermath (NPR)


Pulse shooting questions still linger as state attorney clears police in response probe (Orlando Sentinel)

How the Orlando Fire Department’s Active Shooter Policy Fell Through the Cracks (ProPublica)



More to come as we organize our news archive... 

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