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Our Research

What's the problem? There are many. 

1. The Commodification of Orlando's Mass Shooting

2. Turning Orlando's Mass Shooting Into A Tourist Attraction 

3. Conflicts of Interest

4. Bias and Misleading Information

5. The Death Trap

5. Lack of Full Transparency and Accountability

6. Survivor Harassment

7. Three Years Later (July 2019)

8. Other Issues

Click on any of the above links to access more information on each of these issues.

A Note to Readers: The first days of our coalition were a scramble to get all of the information publicly accessible, as soon as possible. We needed to show the public another narrative than the one communicated by the OnePULSE Foundation.


Within just a few days, we critically evaluated our own approach and our collective rage over this issue. We decided to reframe our approach out of respect for all affected communities and individuals who are invested in the important work of memorializing those we love. 


While this anger still enrages us, out of respect for all survivors, families, and community members involved, we have made a concerted effort to soften our approach and simply state the issues and our position.


We have also made an effort to improve the way we communicate the alternative vision that we provide, rather than have it enmeshed in a collection of links and videos that made up our libraries. A small group of volunteers is constantly updating the website.

We also promise to continue to directly confront and call out injustice as we see it. We will tell the facts and name the names. This is a part of our healing process. We will always support survivors and family members first. We will always honor and respect those we have loved and lost with the utmost integrity, without payment or notoriety.


Our criticism is not about financial fraud, it's about earning a living off of our deaths and putting a $40M construction project over the needs of survivors. 

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