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Our Open Letter has been integrated into this website's overall messaging.
On 08/07/2019, the OnePulse Foundation released their 990s. We are reviewing these now, but we have never accused the organization of fraud. So our criticism still stands regardless of what the independent audit says. #SurvivorsNotBuildings
On 08/07/2019, Christine Leinonen participated in CNN's Gun Crisis Town Hall and she spoke out against the OnePULSE Foundation and its proposed museum. You can view a portion of the footage below:
On 08/10/2019, the Coalition convened in Orlando. We discussed our goals, possible future actions, shared information and decided on next steps. We also discussed our widespread support and had a fantastic picnic. 
On 08/10/2019, we were made aware that on the August 6, 2019 Annual Update Meeting at the Orlando Economic Partnership Office, the OnePULSE Foundation responded to our criticism of providing biased information by allowing a person who protested the 9/11 museum speak. However, his overall message was that he now supports the museum and that our kind of protest is part of the course of action. We are not sure who he is, but there were many families who protested the 9/11 museum. It was not just one person. We also firmly acknowledge that 9/11 was not a mass shooting site. See the videos below:
On 08/12/2019, Christine Leinonen was a guest on the radio show, "Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends" on WWBC. You can download and listen by clicking here. Christine is in the second half of the show.
On 08/15/2019, we received a lot of media attention, including the Orlando Sentinel, WESH2, and the Associated Press. We are still growing, organizing, and researching.  Also see here, here, here, and here
A survivor's meeting is scheduled for 8/20/2019 by survivors who volunteer or work for the OnePULSE Foundation and support the museum project. Survivors in our coalition who are currently in litigation with Barbara Poma—some of whom have been harassed online by these very organizers (see here)—have been advised by their lawyers not to attend. This is yet another attempt to persuade people to support the museum project in light of our criticism. Our criticism still stands. 
9/26/2019 - A lot has happened. We have been working on exposing the nightclub's unpermitted renovations and code violations. We have publicly called for a criminal investigation into these matters. We also publicly call for the building to be preserved, untouched for a criminal investigation. All changes must be permitted. We call on the City of Orlando to refuse to issue any new permits to modify or destroy the interior of the building. The Permitting Division office is aware of permit issues and code violations at Pulse. The issuance of new permits to destroy evidence with this knowledge before a criminal investigation would make the City of Orlando an accomplice in a cover-up. Once a criminal investigation into the unpermitted renovations is completed, the building must be torn down. 
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