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Our Position

​​First and foremost, we are fighting to stop the construction of the OnePULSE Foundation's museum. We think that the nightclub should be torn down. If a memorial is built in its place, it should only be done if the property is acquired by the city, state, or federal government. No memorial should be built on the property privately owned by Barbara Poma. 


We humbly ask the public, as well as all private and corporate donors, to give their money to organizations that provide lifetime care to survivors and not towards the expensive museum project, which is expected to cost $40M to build and $7.2M to run annually. Put people first. We care more about our survivors than educating tourists. Survivors should be taken care of, not taken advantage of. All fundraising efforts associated with Orlando's mass shooting need to be directed towards providing lifetime care to survivors. All funds raised should be used to EXPAND existing services and ensure that all survivors get the financial support, medical services, community support programs, and mental health care they need for life.


With open hearts, we welcome all those currently working with the OnePulse Foundation to join us and help us stop the museum project, which has already sought to monetize the tragedy in order to pay salaries and raise exorbitant sums for a project not everyone wants. We do not seek to divide the community, but rather to come together to honor all of those we love with the utmost integrity. 

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