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Death Tourism

Death Tourism and Dark Tourism



The New Yorker: "The Allure of Dark Tourism" by Lilly Lamp


National Geographic: "Dark tourism: When tragedy meets tourism" by Simon Usborne


National Geographic: "Is 'Dark Tourism' OK?" by Robert Reid


Independent: "Dark tourism: What is drawing thousands to Chernobyl and Cambodia’s killing fields?" by Olivia Alabaster


The Telegraph: "Dark tourism: Why are we attracted to tragedy and death?" by Natalie Paris


Current Issues in Dark Tourism Research


Refinery 29: "Cemeteries & Holocaust Memorials: What's The Appeal Of Dark Tourism?" by Polly Allen


The Week: "The Growing Quandary of Dark Tourism" by Paul Hiebert


The Guardian: "Dark tourism: why murder sites and disaster zones are proving popular" by Will Coldwell


N Lifestyle: "The morbid rise of dark tourism: Is taking a selfie at a scene of tragedy ever OK?"


Psychology Today: "Dark Tourism: Why Do We Visit Sites of Death?"


NBC News: Dark tourism focuses on 'the very worst we have done'


Vice: "Why Death Tourism Is Thriving" by Tina Amirtha


Institute for Dark Tourism Research


Dark tourism and affect: framing places of death and disaster by Annaclaudia Martini & Dorina Maria Buda


Dark Tourism and Disaster Tourism by Kevin Fox Gotham


Dystopian dark tourism: An exploratory examination

BBC: The Why Factor: Dark Tourism (listen)

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